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Neue Klasse line-up at Clos du Bois

As a group of automotive enthusiasts, we have established ourselves in the form of a not-for-profit Club incorporated in the State of Colorado.

Club Mission:

  • To promote interest in vintage and classic BMW automobiles and their derivatives (such as EMWs, Veritas, BMW-engined cars such as Frazer-Nash, AC-ACE, AC-Bristols, etc.)
  • To promote the preservation and use of such vehicles.
  • To conduct activities which enhance the visibility and enjoyment of such vehicles.
  • To provide a resource of information for those interested in such vehicles.
  • To develop dialogue and cooperation with established international BMW vintage clubs worldwide.

Open to anyone interested in vintage and classic BMW cars. To download a copy of the Membership Registration Form to join, click here.

The BMW V&CCCA issues a quarterly newsletter, which will be provided in paper form to all members.

Officers of the BMW V&CCCA:
Goetz E. Pfafflin, Boulder, CO – President
Don Dethlefsen, Lake Forest, IL – Technical Director
Herbert Tobin, Walpole, MA – Treasurer

Contacts for the above:
goetzpfafflin@msn.com (303) 300-9946; (303) 808-9135 (mobile)
don@thewerkshop.com (847) 295-3200; (847) 910-9170 (mobile)
herbtobin@hotmail.com (508) 668-4086