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  • Due to a very positive response to our initial announcement of the BMW V&CCCA Monterey 2016 Caravan we have decided to proceed with further planning.

    In the meantime we have renamed our project “The Roads to Monterey 2016” as a more descriptive label than “BMW V&CCCA Monterey 2016 Caravan”, - but it’s the same program, with the same actors, at the same time, - just a new name!

    Our agenda for Monterey is to bring as many of our members as possible, and members of the CCA and any other BMW Club recognized by the International Council of BMW Clubs to Monterey in time for the celebration of 100 YEARS OF BMW.

    BMW was established in Munich in 1916 out of Rapp Motorenwerke, and while the official centennial celebration of this beginning will be staged on March 7, 2016 in Munich with the dedication of the then to have been completed BMW Group Classic center at Moosacher-strasse, the main U.S. celebration of this 100th birthday is being planned in conjunction with Monterey Car Week 2016.

    In order to assist us in the planning for this project, we ask anyone with a serious interest in this event to complete the following two questionnaires:

    In case of questions or comments contact
    Goetz E. Pfafflin at goetzpfafflin@msn.com / (303) 808-9135)

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Canadian Expedition 2011